May good fortune follow the foolish, and I hope you don't find me ghoulish, but what I'd give to live inside your eyes.
When I look into your eyes, the whole world opens wide, baby there's no place I'd rather be.
We can slip and we can slide, we can glide or collide, darling this is what I call having fun!

I've got rust in my veins, I've got lust in my brain, I'm speaking out of both sides of my mouth.
So darling hold on tight, we've just started on this flight, I hope these wheels land way down South.
You know that bravery is fleeting, you've got my heart a beating, what you've got, I cannot live without.

Darling stop looking for answers from above (3 times)
All you've got is a bad case of Blindfold Love
Repeat chorus.

Joe Mazzari, BMI 2020
61 Ghosts